Q.    Why should anyone vote for me?
A.    No other candidate in Sussex has my experience, from the inside, of seeing how the victims suffer from the effects of crime.  Thirty years of police experience, including five years of regular contacts with the families of people who have died suddenly and violently, leaves an impression which cannot be forgotten. I will never forget the victims and their families.

Q.    Politics has no place in policing, but you have come from a political party.  Explain.
A.     I totally agree.  I thought long and hard before applying to be the UKIP candidate.

UKIP has policies that are so obviously right to me that I had no hesitation in joining the party.  I spent thirty years in the police, forbidden to take an active part in politics, not even allowed to try to persuade anyone to vote, let alone vote for a particular candidate.  This was soon followed by ten years as a local government officer, not forbidden to take an active part in politics, but not encouraged, either.  I had to be seen to treat everyone fairly and impartially regardless of their political persuasion.

No UKIP councillor is whipped, which means they don’t have to do what their party says – the same applies to any Police Commissioner, so I will be free to do what is best for Sussex. The PCC has to take an oath to treat everyone fairly, and to do what is best for the people of his Police Area.  During my assessment before I became the official UKIP candidate, I made no secret that if UKIP policies clashed with what was best for Sussex, I would do what was best for Sussex. I repeated the same promise from the stage at my first public meeting at Lancing on 11th October, in the presence of the Leader of UKIP, Nigel Farage.

Can every other candidate make the commitment that they will stand up against their Party bosses?

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