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"For the victim, not the criminal."

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I am 65, and was born just over the border, in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. I joined the Kent County Constabulary in Oct 1966, and in 1969 I transferred to the Metropolitan Police. After about seven years on Divisional duties I transferred to Traffic Division, where I stayed for another 7 years.

I was promoted to Sergeant in 1981, and spent 16 months on Divisional duties on the southern borders of Greater London before returning to Traffic to make better use of the skills I had acquired. (more…)


As PCC candidate, I am reassured by what I have found out about the Sussex Police, so far.  The independent police Inspectorate report that Sussex Police are on track to make the required savings in the time specified.  However I intend to ensure that any cuts do not affect their front line services. This will not always mean the cheapest option.  I want Sussex to have a quality service, and quality does cost a little more in the short term. (more…)

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